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Here are 2 different types of sleds that we have recently cased and sent to opposite sides of the world. The first picture shows 2 sleds along with accessories that have been sent to Canada, in preparation for an expedition to the North Pole. As you can see from the photo the sleds are rather large, they are used for transporting equipment and towed behind vehicles.

SledsThis sled is different to the 2 pictured above as it is not modern, but it is in fact is based on a sled originally designed and built in the early 20th century, when Bamboo wood was commonly used. This sled has been cased and protected before being sent out to Sydney, where it will be used to re create a 200 mile exploration of Antartica, which was first achieved in 1914.
SledsHere is the case that was built for the sled, all that remains is for the lid to be added. The case is made from plywood and timber batons.