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Gloucester Freight Services:

Your local route to a worldwide distribution network

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Meet the team

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Jon Massey

Managing Director
Deep Sea (worldwide) Manager
Air Freight (worldwide) Manager

Jon has 30 years' experience in the business and his speciality is the long-haul sector of our business, deep sea, worldwide airfreight, personal effects, project shipping, documentation.

Jon is our illustrious leader and we love him in the same way that a child loves a father on pocket-money day.

Jon's speciality (apart from "letting there be light", communicating via burning bushes and such) is the long-haul sector of our business, deep sea, worldwide airfreight, personal effects and project shipping documentation.

Jon says he has 30 years' experience (which by our maths makes him 95 as we're sure he was Johnny Weissmuller until he retired in 1976), although we're not sure at what. Some say Jon is The Stig from BBC2's Top Gear ... some say he drinks undiluted water, neat! We're saying nothing until our lawyer gets here.

A keen golfer (he even has his own set of bats), he likes nothing better than a few hours bruising the poor defenceless cows who dare to cross his path around the Stinchcombe course.

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Christine Massey

Financial Director
Accounts/Office Manager

Christine is married to Jon (which most of us feel is deserving of a wage in its own right) and takes incredibly good care of the company finances ... try asking for extra Sellotape if you don't believe us.

Well practiced in the black art of Sage Line50 Financial Controller, she does things with numbers that Professor Stephen Hawking can only dream of. Once, whilst trial balancing her double entry nominal ledgerisms to an infinite decimal place (or something), she actually discovered a completely new number which scientists now accept explains life, the universe, and everything.

Hobbies include all things equestrian, giving birth to incredibly talented children, and buying houses ... Jon's ok with the first one, pretty helpful with the second, and has no say whatsoever on the third (much like the rest of us).

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David Bray

Road Services Manager

Dave manages our European full load and part load services as well as the majority of our domestic traffic. He is also responsible for our express courier service whether the destination required is within the UK, Europe or the rest of the world.

Dave also holds full National and International Freight CPC accreditation which makes him an expert at permits & quotas, Carnet de Passage en Douane, VAT, Customs documentation and procedures, driver regulations, conditions of carriage and insurance requirements. He hates to waste off cuts of timber and often stays late in the warehouse making bird houses, wheelbarrows and windmills. He's just built a small greenhouse for his seedlings which he lovingly moves in and out of the warehouse daily, so they can enjoy the best of the sunshine.

Dave takes care of things quicker than Nigel takes off at 5:30pm .... which is faster than a fast thing from Planet Fast!  Apparently his coffee-making skills are above average so as far as we're concerned he's got a job for life.

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Nigel Garraway

Warehouse Manager
Packaging Manager

Nigel deals with all warehouse management tasks as well as export administration duties, export packing, loading and securing of containers and liaising with our export couriers.

Nigel Garraway is the chap who makes sure that your priceless 100-piece Derby Crown dinner service doesn't arrive at its destination resembling a less-pricey 500-piece ceramic puzzle, or that your £100,000 Lamborghini doesn't reverse out of the container bearing an uncanny similarity to a Trabant after spending a week bouncing around on the high-seas in a box full of ball-bearings. This man can build a crate fit for a king and what he can't do with several pine trees, a junior hacksaw and a roll of gaffer tape is nobody's business.

Nigel deals with all warehouse management tasks as well as export administration duties. Export packing, loading and securing of containers and liaising with our export couriers. He's also a dab-hand with computers and has been known to kick one back into life when all else failed. He enjoys long distance cycle rides and is often seen on the leafy lanes of Gloucestershire peddling away.

His interest in body-building also comes in handy on the rare occasion that a vehicle can't be allocated, as (legend has it) he can bench-press around 7.5 tons with one hand.

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James Coates

This is James, the newest member of the Gloucester Freight team. He has been with us since the start of 2013 and although new to freight forwarding has enjoyed his time so far. Continuing his progression under Jon's guidance, James will also be looking to increase our client base in the near future. James is also a keen sportsman and plays football regularly, but when he finds that too much, he is rapidly becoming a very keen golfer and is looking forward to being the best golfer in the office (watch out Jon!)


The team at your service

Also referred to as "The Panic Station", many have entered, few have survived, this is the Gloucester Freight Services team at the nerve centre of our operation where everyone gets on everyone else's nerves.

For anyone interested in obscure collectable art we at Gloucester Freight (being so replete with manly muscle) are thinking of doing one of those "for the ladies" calendars this year. The calendar will be free and sent out whether you want one or not; alternatively you can pay £5 not to receive it and no doubt preserve your mental well-being to boot.

So there you have it, state-of-the-art IT hardware and software combined with out-of-the-Ark personnel offering almost 80 years of experience in the global freight industry between them. A more friendly and efficient bunch of experts would be hard to imagine (unless you know the Teletubbies) and so trusting that they even let the IT guy (me!) make all of this up just to give you a little light relief .... so that's me off the Christmas card list then.

Safe in our hands